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PostSubject: Sky Ephirts   Sky Ephirts I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 08, 2010 8:18 pm

Sky was known as the Fang Fisted Serpent. Why? It was simple really.

Sort of.

No, not really.

She was someone who gained immense supernatural power at great cost. But in the end she was imbued with magical abilities, such as heightened reflexes. It was nearly impossible to touch a finger on her without her consent. It was even harder to sometimes get her to stand still for a picture. A woman who was bound with endless amount of energy, but yet she carried herself with elegance and swift speed that it would resemble a serpent.

The term "Fang-Fist" comes from the other magical property that has been enhanced on her. Sky at the time was merely a simple martial artist with a simple ambition. She was able to defend herself, but defending yourself sometimes isn't enough. When it came to defending more then herself, she had fallen short for once in her life. A young girl had become a victim because of her rivals and enemies, and now that little girl would never have the chance to grow up again.

With a pain that ate away her insides and a stronger will of ambition she desperately searched for a way to make her stronger that would not destroy herself in the process. She would not allow herself to succumb to the use of drugs or other substances that would give her temporary strength, she needed something real, something permanent.

Sorcery. She had heard about it, but didn't believe in it.Traveling from Rhode Island all the way to Utah she researched on anything that was real, which was immensely hard to find through the crap that she had read. But, in the end she eventually found it, an 1855 translated version of an ancient Latin spellbook. Though she couldn't understand much of it, a particular one that involved close combat fighting that would have engraved her bones with magical inscriptions allowing for speed caught her eye. From the requirements, all it needed was for several symbols in the dialect, along with the sacrifice of a particular poisonous snake. That, and her blood.

With high hopes and the gamble of losing her soul, she had achieved high feats. with the act of sorcery. She had become much more stronger then she had ever imagined, and she still had her soul intact.

But with great power comes with great cost. She had been forever cursed. She can no longer see colors, she can no longer smell, and she can no longer taste. Life had lost most of its flair within the moment it had gained it. Everything was black and white, the sadness of knowing what "blue, red, or green" meant was forever stored away in her memories never to be seen again. The fragrant smell of perfume, fresh baked pastries, and even fruit were sacrificed. Then, if things couldn't get worse, she could no longer taste her favorite foods. She became hungry, but that hole could be filled with meaningless things that meant nothing.

She smiled through her sadness however, never showing it to the enemy. Or more important, the friends that she had made. Because this power of hers, was going to be used to protect the ones she loved.

~-~-~-(End Prologue)-~-~-~

Chapter 1: A New Friend?

Sky looked down at the sandwich she was eating. It was a combination of Tuna, Sardines, Oyster, Lobster, Shrimp, Lettuce, Mayonnaise, Butter, Ketchup, Pickles, and Licorice. A bunch of people watched with interest and awe. They had all bet that no one could ever finish an abomination such as that. They were foolish enough to proceed with the wager of boasting that if someone were to finish the sandwich they would earn 200$. It was Sky's lucky day. Bite after bite, and groan after groan from her audience was heard as she finished it, licking her fingers.

With many groans and a few people running to the bathroom. She accepted her money. Several questions were asked and and she answered them cheerfully.

"How could you stomach that?" "Did you gag?" "Are you crazy!?" She only shrugged and said "I can eat anything."

It wasn't even after 10 minutes after she had left the bar however did she puke it all up. She smiled as she emptied the contents of her stomach into alley.

"I might not taste it, but that doesn't mean it's terrible." She smiled to herself. brushed her mouth with the sleeve of her arm, and turned to the exit of the alley. She took the first step and felt time slowing down. The wind that was gently blowing across her skin now slid across it like invisible snails. Her smile evaporated however much faster then the events of her surroundings. She turned around and side-stepped the the arm that was about to grab her around the throat, and clenched her fist.

A thug that was dressed in gangster attire was revealed to her. His skull and bones bandanna that covered his face did little to hide the disgusting looking but bulky man that was behind her. To Sky, his surprised expression was priceless and he went to one of his extremely large pockets to probably grab a weapon. Sky didn't allow him that luxury however and decided that it was time to end this as soon as possible.

Channeling her breathing, in a burst of speed she gave two quick jabs to his neck and did a lateral kick to his shin. She watched him begin to lean to his side and the slight glint of a pocket knife glimmered in his hands as his left knee buckled. She swiftly moved behind him, and kicked the back of his right knee and pulled the back of his jacket down. As he was falling she brought one of his arms behind him and the other across his chest, and wrapped her legs around his neck.

He hit the ground in the uncomfortable tough position and Sky looked down on him with threatening eyes.

This all happened in two flat seconds. She cupped his face with her hand and forced him to look back up at her.

"Bad idea?" She asked him bluntly. He didn't mouth a word as he attempted to break out of her hold. She squeezed her legs, tightening her hold around his neck, and watched as his face began turning red with a shade of purple.

"Tight, isn't it?" She asked. He looked back at her eyes as they began tearing up from the pain and the lack of oxygen. After a short moment of watching him struggle she loosened her hold to let him breathe.

"Have you learned your lesson?" Sky asked, smiling down at him with a viscous look. Through her hold, he began to laugh. Sky was surprised at his reaction, and of curiosity she tightened her hold slightly. His laugh abruptly stopped.

"What's so funny?" Sky asked, adjusting the way she held his arm to make it more painful. She could feel the tension in his arms and she knew if he struggled too much more, they would eventually break from the stress.

"They're coming, for you." He said, and began laughing again. Sky glared at him and clenched her hands around his face closer to her and leaned in.

"Who?" She asked curiously. He seemed to be trying to muster another laugh. "Now." She voiced aggressively, striking him with a death glare. Her eyes transfixed themselves in his, hoping he would say the words she was hoping to hear. The man she is tracking down.

"G.." He began. 'Goncho, say it.' Sky thought to herself. "Go..." Sky's ears perked. "Go......Die." A beeping sound was heard from his pocket. Sky's muscles flexed instantly and she dropped her position on him and pushed her hands on the cold asphalt to push herself up into a the air. Catching herself with a backlfip, she braced her feet to propel herself backwards in a mirror image-technique she learned about another several feet behind her.

A moment later an explosion erupted in the alley, with Sky safely taking cover around the corner of the building. Sky took a deep breath, hitting the brick wall next to her in anger. An assassin sent after her and more to follow. Sky looked around her and decided that the sketchy darkness of the night wasn't an ideal environment to be contemplating. Though the darkness was her preferred atmosphere of combat, she needed to think things through before her next fight.

Otherwise she might kill someone, on purpose.

Sky found herself perched on the roof of an apartment complex that overlooked the city. The clouded lights of YorkDale city did little to reassure the inhabitants that slept in century old complexes. This city was probably one of the most notorious for the two rival gangs that occupied it, and it didn't help that the police could do little. Sky had to save one female officer who had her car jumped by several street thugs. She made friends with her, and that woman seemed to always know what was on Sky's mind.

"Killed someone?" Her voice came across with a vinegar like feel and a tad of sugar. It was hoarse as if she needed a drink but still retained a gentle pitched tone that was normal for the 20 year old.

Sky didn't turn to face her, and continued to eye the streets of the few cars that still drove at night.

"No, he killed himself."

"You sound shaken up, you alright?" She appeared in the corner of Sky's vision. She lit up in her eyes in a bright green glow. The 20 year old officer looked rugged in her own way. Her pale skin illuminated first in her night-vision. The womans' dark brunette hair resembled her own but was a few shades brighter and was much longer. It stretched down to her mid back over her cut leather jacket. She pulled out a lighter with a butterfly embroided on it and lit a cigarette already in her mouth. The girl put a boot up on the ledge, which kept her steady as she blew the smoke that circled her standard law enforcement uniform.

"I will never understand why you carry that jacket." Sky spoke, as she adjusted her own outfit. Sky wore a leather jacket as well, it too was cut mid-length at the middle of her back, and it was jet black over a dark brown sleveless shirt. The combination went well with her jean shorts that went a little passed her knees. Sky eyed her visitor who shrugged as she took another slow inhale of the tobacco-stick.

"I always wear it now. It's a way of honoring. Just like this necklace." The officer responded, adjusting her neck which made it crack a little. She closed her eyes and smiled at the comforting feeling of loosening. She only liked talking to Sky, ever since that day.

"Just cause I saved your life doesn't mean you need to look at me. I didn't know you were that jealous." Sky sharpened her words and watched for the officer's reaction. She smiled when the officer's face turned red.

"Jealous of who, you? Yeah right."

"Is that right..." Sky responded, mischievously looking away and feigning that she was believable. The officer rolled her eyes at her with a joking glare.

"But I really do, owe you." The officer spoke softly, her voice losing all of it's cheerfulness and positive power. It was sincere, deep. Sky acknowledged this and responded by moving over to her and placing a hand on her shoulder.

"I was just doing my job." Sky responded.

~-~-~- 2 weeks earlier ~-~-~-~-

"Freeze!" The officer yelled, she gasped between short breaths as she continued chasing the assailant. She placed a finger on the walkie-talkie "talk" button that was clipped to a pocket on her police jacket.

"This is Kris from unit 06, I repeat again I am chasing suspect down 30th heading southbound, requesting another unit to come up from 28th to cut him off, over." Despite running she kept her voice calm and collected, her short hair was flaying around her head as she continued pursuit. The suspect was fast, she had to use all her stamina just to keep up with the guy.

"This is dispatch 06, we got another unit coming from 33th headin down to meet you, direct him to 28th and the officer will reach you down by 27th and Arlington."

Kris watched as he weaved in and between other patrons, pushing them aside to keep moving which helped her keep the pace with him.

"Police, out of the way!" She yelled to keep the pedestrians from being in her path. She heard the sirens of the other unit coming from her left, and in the corner of her eye she saw the blare of red and blue. The man turned the corner around a building and dis-appeared in an alley between 30th and 29th. "Shit," she cussed to herself and came up to around the corner. She had to inform the unit to pull up north otherwise they would miss him.

"Dispatch, this is 06, the suspect cut-" She was cut off in mid sentence when she rounded the corner when a fist hit her square in the stomach. She felt the wind getting knocked completely out of her and her legs buckle as an immense wave of pain wrapped around her so tight that she felt paralyzed. She fell over and felt a boot immediately come up against her rib which caused her to cry out. It felt as if a train had ran her over and through her tear-filled eyes she looked up to see the man she was chasing. He was blurred, but she made out the thick black jacket and ski-mask he was wearing when she was chasing him, but what shocked her was that he wasn't alone.

"Get her up and bring her in." A fist came down on her jaw-line, and she felt her jaw dis-locate and her nerves shoot fireworks of pain through her brain. A pair of arms came around and pulled her handcuffs out, and they hand-cuffed her hands together and switched off her radio as dispatch began to call her unit.

The men carried her deeper into the dark alley that was filled with cracked asphalt and brick to a railing and stairs that led down. There was a man who was holding the door open and they carried her down the stairs and into the room. The doorman closed the door, and an audible click was heard as the alley became deserted once again.


Kris felt herself stirring when they began to take off her clothes. She could feel her police uniform being torn off, and then they were trying to pull off her tank-top. Denying a groan, she opened her eyes to see three men stand above her, all of varying descent and build. The man who was tearing her shirt open was a black male who was built to lift trains, he had tattoos all over his body and to accentuate the fact he was muscular he wore gym shorts but was shirtless. His face was as large as his nose was, and he looked greedily down on her with huge eyes and a smile with broken teeth. There was a man next to him who was also of latino descent, his short hair and lightly darkened skin helped her identify it along with his general look. He was wearing a wind-breaker pair of pants along with complimentary shirt that was a gross combination of gray and blue. He nodded his head and grinned to himself as he rubbed his hands together. The third male was an asian male who was the scarniest and shortest of the three. He had a red winter-cap that was half on his head and he held his head back with eyes half-closed, his mustache and beard covered half of what she saw. The asian also wore a tank-top as well, but it didn't go well on his scrawny body that accompanied his red shorts. He simply laughed to himself and was holding her legs.

Kris didn't recognize any of them to be the suspect she was chasing earlier, which meant that she was brought to a ring of criminals.

She wanted to speak up but she then just noticed the tight rope that gagged her mouth. She clamped down on it tight and began to struggle, but her hands were cuffed behind her back.

"Ah, you're awake." The Asian thug said. The Latino thug slapped her hard and she felt her cheek sting and water well up in her eyes. She tasted the copper in her mouth, and the disgusting odor of what would be a mix of their uncleanliness and their breath with the quality of the room filled her nostrils with so much stink she felt bile come up her throat.

"Hope you don't mind, we're gonna have fun with you." The Asian thug spoke again, the black thug giving a deep laugh and the latino smirking. Kris screamed but it was muffled against the rope. The black man just stuck his fingers under the clasp of her bra when a loud explosion blew through the room next to them.


All of them halted their actions, even Kris was surprised at that.

"Da phug wis dat?" It was tough to understand the brawn over brained soldier thug. He motioned for the latino to hold Kris down, to which she began to realize her chance was arising. She reluctantly let his hands slide over her arms. She bit her lip and felt a wave of nausea overflow her because of this action- but it was easily ignored by her interest on what was happening outside.

Did the police find her? Was there back-up? Is that SWAT? Whoever it was, she was glad they came in at the right time. Silence ensued, and the big black thug opened the door and peeked outside.

"See anything?" The Asian thug let his mouth hang open, and he let go of one of Kris' legs reached for his pocket knife. The thug at the door then smiled.

"Looks like we have another party-goer guys." He let his voice drop low, a sound so disturbing Kris couldn't even fathom ever listening to his voice for she would smash her own head in the wall. He went outside of the room and placed a lot of emphasis on flexing his muscles all of a sudden.

The men in the room looked at each other confused before their eyes widened at what they saw. A woman appeared before them, and they whistled like dogs in heat with a bitch presented before them.

Kris took in the woman with a curious eye. She was wearing a white tank-top and some ripped blue jeans. Her black hair was straight and long, but it looked well cared for. Soft follicles that hugged her head and cheeks and waterfalled as they levitated with a hint of elegance.

She had tattoos of snakes all over her arms that coiled their way up to her collar bone, where they ended. Looking at her petite and almost innocent looking face, Kris caught contact with her eyes. If she wasn't mistaken, in the girl's dark brown eyes lay something else, she thought she saw a reflection of light. One only in reptiles.

The girl was ushered in by the convict behind her, but she walked in on her own will. She swayed her hips like a hammock on a tropical island, and the white tank-top left little to be imagined. She stood in the center of the room, leaning on one leg as she placed a hand on her hip. She surveyed the men, looking them up and down.

'Is she a prostitute?' Kris asked. She had to use this opportunity to find a way out, but even if she broke through the two thugs, how could she escape from the bastard crook that was standing at the door? She would have to lay in wait, and try to find an opportunity that this whore would present her.

"What's your name pretty lady?" The black thug asked, walking up behind her and grinning like he won the jackpot. The girl turned her head to face him, and with a plain expression she spoke her name. A Name that Kris would never forget.

"Sky." The man huskily breathed onto her neck.

"Sky eh? Never heard of a name like that." The other two agreed, their grips on Kris loosening by a fraction as the girl known as Sky flaunt herself more and more. Sky placed a hand on the thug's cheek, and shook her head no. It ticked him off a little, his expression morphing into a cross-breed of anger and annoyance.

"I want him." Sky pointed to the latino holding Kris' arms down. He raised both of his eyebrows, and let go one of Kris' shoulders and pointed at himself.

"Debe ser mi día de suerte." He grinned, showing his yellow teeth and flaring his nostrils. He moved over to her, and she walked towards him, closing the distance. She placed a hand on his shoulder and pointed to the hem of her tank-top. He looked down at it with her, and with her other finger she raised his chin, so he would look up at her.

"I want you to lift this..." She said huskily. The black thug looked even more pissed, but he was still interested. The Asian thug gulped, his mouth still hanging open as he watched with lust.

The latino thug smiled, and he placed both his hands lifting her shirt. Her belly button and perfectly curved stomach appealed to all of them, and the mexican lifted her shirt more and more. Then he stopped, and blinked once. He had lifted her shirt up to her bra, seeing the lumps of flesh he was seeking. But there was something more there too, black scribbles that were drawn right below her breasts.

It read "You're going to die."

Sky smiled. The glint in her eye shined brilliantly as she grabbed both of his wrists with her hands and pulled him down towards her as she brought her knee up. The spanish man didn't have any time to react before he felt the jaw-breaking crunch of his jawline smashing into her knee. Sky pulled his arm down so he would fall to his side and she knelt delivering a swift punch to the back of his head knocking him out.

"You bitch!" The black thug yelled before attempting to punch her from behind. She raised a hand and eased off his punch sliding up his arm on the outside and slid behind his back. He reached behind her, trying to grab her. She climbed up his back easily and landed both legs beside his head.

"Get off me!" He grabbed her thighs and attempted to pull her off. Sky almost fell, but she squeezed her thighs around his head and at her height she leaned back. As she leaned back with a grunt she squeezed even harder. He began screaming in pain, his hands trying to pry her off.

A single sweat drop rolled off her cheek and fell on the wooden floor. It took an immense amount of force to lift the man off his feet and break his balance, but due to Sky's enhanced strength she was able to. The drop of sweat collided with the planks, as did the thug that she threw using her legs. He fell on the ground with a loud and echoing boom on his back. Clutching his head in pain, he rolled back and forth as blood dripped from his temple.

Sky drew her attention to the remaining thug. The Asian thug pulled at his shirt, and cracked his neck. He began walking away from Kris, keeping a lengthy distance from Sky. Sky didn't move anything but her eyes as she watched him carefully. He placed a hand behind his back, and pulled out his pocket knife. He opened the small 6-inch bladed knife and held it uneasily against her. Sky shook her head and sighed giving him an annoyed look.

He charged her with an open stance. Sky moved a knee out and clenched her fists, forming her stance. She saw the several holes in his attack, and she anticipated his next move. He lunged with a horizontal strike, easily dodged with a duck. Sky eyed his legs. One of his legs was still raised in a running position while the other held his balance. She pivoted her extended leg behind the planted foot of his behind his ankle and spun in a 180 using her ankle to plant itself in his chest. The strike resulted in him falling backwards tripping on her foot. Sky continued to spin completing her rotation, and with her other hand she drew her fist and punched him three consecutive times in the jaw before he fell to the ground.

Kris was amazed, the woman before her single-handedly took out three thugs by herself.


“Like I said, I was just doing my job.”

“And what is your job?”

Sky closed her eyes and let her head droop. Her hair covered her eyes, and with that she eyed the officer through her hair. The officer took a long drag on her cigarette and turned to look at her for a brief second as she adjusted herself so her back was leaning against the rail.

“The same as yours. To protect the innocent.” Sky twisted her neck in a snap cracking her neck again. It was also to get the hair out of her eyes so she could return the officer's gaze.

“Why don't you join the force then?” Kris crossed her arms, her eyes losing it's playful glint and adopting a more serious aura.

“That would tie me to one place. I'm like a man. I sleep in one city, and the next day I'll sleep in another.” Sky ran her hand along the railing. “But this city is my favorite... I always find myself back here.”

“She needs you. We all do.” Kris chimed in. “Here.”

Sky looked over to see Kris pull out a text beeper from her pocket. Sky eyed it suspiciously as Kris handed it in an open palm to her.

“Standard issue police beeper, this one is locked with a PR-3 code by yours truly. No GPS, triple-layered security codes and twenty-six different algorithms to keep it complicated on your frequency. No one is gonna trace you, but you can send messages out and receive them everywhere in the world.”

Sky smiled. “Just the way I like it. But I'll keep it at my pad, and that's it. I'm not bringing it with me sugar, no offense.” Kris shrugged.

“None taken. I'm happy you even accepted it.”

“Aww, you blushing?”

“Shut up.”


Sky wiped the sweat off her brow. So did Kris. They both looked at each other with a raised eyebrow. Sky was really impressed with the female. She was much more muscular than last time. Hell, she could be on par with yours truly if she really tried. But with the experiences Sky has had, it was hard for anyone to stay as strong as her when it came to this kind of exercise.

“Fuck me.” Kris gasped, panting desperately for breath. Sky raised an eyebrow.

“Don't flatter yourself, this is just for starters. You haven't even gotten to the good stuff yet.” Sky dropped the 140 lbs. Weights onto the ground and stretched her arms. “You workout like a wimp. How do you even stay fit?” Sky smirked at her comment, walking over to the desk to powder her hands up more.

“Sorry, I'm not imbued with magical powers that give me super-human strength. Twat.” Kris replied, a smirk of her own across her face.

“Excuses, excuses, that's all I'm hearing from that general direction.” Sky clenched her fists and hit them together. Jumping on her feet and bouncing back and forth she turned to Kris.

“Let's spar and settle this huh?” Kris raised an eyebrow, the smile on her face grew wider and her eyes slanted into smaller slits. It was a very playful glare.

“You want to get beaten that badly huh?” Sky could always take friendly banter, but she always accepted a challenge and won, no matter what.

“That a challenge?” Kris took a few long strides to the opposite table, picking up bandages and beginning to wrap them around her knuckles. Kris' head rolled around her head, as if she couldn't make up her mind.

“Maybe.” Sky took a deep sigh and let the air flow through her entire body. She loved to spar, it was a lot different from actual fights. She was fighting a friend, and it was to improve herself, not to survive. A different set of instincts were used for this brand of fighting, one that involved much more mischievous fun then killing-intent.

Kris cracked her knuckles and stretched her thighs. Sky stayed on her feet, stretching her neck and licking her lips in anticipation of the match. Kris finished banadaging up her knuckles, and Sky winked.

“Finally done prettying yourself up to get blue and black princess?” Sky, still bouncing off her toes jumped ever so slowly as she continued her dance. Kris stayed firm on the ground, took a deep breath, spread her legs evenly away from each other, and then held a very strong and stiff stance.

“Come and get me.” Sky didn't need to be told twice.


“I almost had you, seriously.” Kris huffed in between breaths, lying on her back on the ground. Sky reached a hand out to her to help her up.

“You almost made me break a sweat. Almost.” Sky smiled as she helped the cop back onto her feet. “But that was a surprise, I didn't know you of all people knew Aikido, and by that I mean for you to pick it up so fast in the last couple of months too! Almost had me going with that advanced Hishigi move. But your Kaiten is abnormally un-balanced, and your Shime techniques are too weak.”

Kris dusted herself off as she raised an eyebrow back at her. “You know Aikido?” Sky didn't look up at Kris as she was too busy unfolding her bandage wraps.

“I achieved the rank of godan, but make no mistake I could best any shichidan or dachidan.” Kris' mouth went agape. She went up to Sky with beaming eyes, like a little schoolgirl who just got to meet their favorite boy-band for the first time.

“No way!” Sky grinned, nodding.

“I can teach you too, more than your instructors can.” Kris cocked her head a bit.

“What could you teach me that the instructors wouldn't?” Sky took a step back, and took a deep breath.

“In Aikido you're taught to ground yourself, watch your breathing, observe, to be trained, and to stabilize your breathing right?” Kris nodded. Sky presumed the same stance that Kris was standing in before.

“Now, in Aikido which is a fighting style similar to karate, it is made for defense, not offense.” Sky then changed her stance lightly. She started to slide one of her feet to the other, and placed one hand directly on top of the other. Her arms were horizontal against her body, it looked like she was praying. Though in a very awkward praying stance.

“But that's modern Aikido, as modern as the early 1900's, we need to go back further than that, when Aikido was used for war, and not for defense.”

“You mean like Randori Aikido? Or varying forms of Shodokan?” Sky shook her head.

“Earlier.” Kris was confused, there were earlier forms of Aikido?

Mizu-Doragon.” Sky opened her eyes, and stared straight into Kris' eyes. “Come at me.” Kris raised an eyebrow.

“Right now?” Sky nodded. Within the awkward stance, Kris changed her fighting style. Aikido was, just like Sky said, a defensive style of martial arts. She decided she would street-brawl against Sky's new Aikido.

Kris inched closer, and then performed a One-Three combo, two horizontal punches with a knee-up. Traditional Aikido techniques would indicate that Sky would attempt to grab her and perform a take-down or a throw. Which was what Kris was expecting to see. But what she got blew her mind away.

Sky didn't attempt to catch, parry, or even dodge the attacks. They hit, all of them. Both of her fists collided with Sky's face, and her knee into Sky's stomach. But the girl didn't move, she didn't even flinch. Still, with her foot in front of the other, and her hands on top of eachother in front of her, Sky suddenly moved out of her stance and within in instant was in front of Kris.

“And in that very instant, I would have grabbed your throat, slammed you into the ground, and with my other hand on your knee, pick you back up and broken your back across my knee.” Sky hissed in her ear.

“Mizu-Doragon was not spiritual, it was still based on ki energy however. To be able to revert physical damage from your body into fuel and energy to fire your nerves and power your muscles to attack the enemy with the same force and then some.”

Kris' eyes were blank, she had seen Sky moved faster before, but not like this. She gulped, as Sky's hand slid away from her neck. How would she even learn something like this, and how would Sky know of a long-lost martial arts form that not even her instructors knew about?
“Where do you learn this stuff?” Kris asked, leaning against the desk as she picked up a water bottle to drink it. Sky loosened her body, relaxing it and put up her hair.

“A long time ago, I couldn't save a girl because I was weak. I vowed to not be weak and for the next several years I went and learned everything I could about martial arts. Even ones like the one I just showed you.”

Kris frowned. “I'm sorry.”

“Don't.” Sky quickly replied. Sky instantly regretted it for the harshness in her voice. “It wasn't your fault.”

Kris placed a hand on Sky's shoulder. “You've saved many lives, including mine. The things you've learned have become powerful assets!”

Sky huffed. “That's what I've been telling myself.”


Sky brushed her teeth absent-mindedly. Her thoughts drifted to whenever and wherever they pleased. She stared at her reflection in the mirror. She could have been anything growing up. She could have been a corporate CEO, Miss America, a lawyer, or a doctor, any occupation but a vigilante living off the scraps.

Her parents were probably still looking for her, or maybe not. It's been at least five years, they probably stopped. Assumed she was dead, and most likely moved on. She wanted so badly to go back to them, to even contact them with this beeper of hers, but faking her own kidnapping was for the best. She could not be tied back to people that could be hurt, like that little girl.

How it all started. She couldn't believe that just because of that incident, she made not just a career choice, but a life changing choice. One that she'll never be able to change and or go back on.

The sounds of siren whizzing past her room in the broken down apartment was a testament to why she had to do what she does. So many criminals try so hard to be bad, she couldn't take a break from being good. She couldn't save that little girl. So she'll save many others to make up for it.

After Kris had left, Sky busted a mugger on the streets before calling it a night. Sky mentally cussed at the city. How long would it take for people to realize that they can't just wander the streets at this time of night?

The silky-blue mattress called to her like a siren in the night. She walked over to it and dove into an abyss of soft slumber. But, as Sky fell asleep something was brewing up just outside in the alley. There in an alleyway not even a block away, a hobo clung to his very last bottle of alcohol.

His name was Uraztsky Trinkov, a Russian immigrant who came to the U.S. In search to make his dreams come true and to help his family. Yet, even with a job and his savings, it didn't help that his whole house was burned down because he couldn't pay the gangsters who threatened him on a day to day basis. When he finally fought back, they took his tooth, his pinky, and his home. Now he lives in the slums living off of scraps.
Uraztsky has seen a lot in his lifetime. Living in Moscow and then moving to Yorkdale gave him a wide experiences of freaks and tweaks. But this was something he was sure no other human was bound to see in their simple lifetime.

He initially was settling into his makeshift bed, but a sudden flash of light exploded into his pupils. Blinding him as bright as the sun on a clear day, Uraztsky covered his eyes with his arm sleeve. Then the sound came. It sounded like a mix between a B-52 bomber carrying thirteen nukes and a freight train the size of Alaska colliding between a black hole. Uraztsky literally went deaf in that very instant, for the sound of a nuculear explosion, save the explosion itself erupted throughout the alley and ricochet out into the city. Glass exploded, and car alarms erupted in a twisted orchestra of loud horns.

Fortunate or unfortunate for Uraztsky, however fate had decided for him, he was now dead. The soundwave and energy was too strong and nearly vaporized the insides of his head.

A couple of feet away, a woman lay face down on the ground that had not been there before. She was completely nude, the mass of black hair on her head clung to her, wet and oily. In her right hand she held the sheath to a sword, and in her left she held the handle to what appeared to be a katana.


There was definitely blood coming out of Sky's ears. Hell, the screams of every other resident in the apartment complex confirmed it for her. Everyone in this whole block was most likely deaf. If not for her magically enhanced body, she was sure her ear-drums would have been blown as well. She slammed down a few pain killers before she would decide to investigate. Looking into where her bathroom mirror hung, she noticed all the shards of glass in the sink. She sighed, and looking over to the living room windows, they too were broken off their bindings.

Her head was pounding, and she almost fell over but she caught herself on the door railing.

“What in the hell caused all of this?” Sky made her way to the window after she put shoes on. Peering outside all the roads were pitch black. Luckily for her, her night-vision kicked in and she was able to see. All the light bulbs were blown as well, and people were scrambling around their houses trying to figure out what was going on.

“Poor fools, your flash lights will be out as well. Better find some candles.”

Sky continued scanning around to find out where the source of the explosion came from. There probably will be people who need medical attention. Grabbing her trusty leather jacket and a cell phone she jumped out of the window. Landing swiftly on her feet she looked around. The alleyway next to her apartment was divided into many 4 way splits that could be very difficult to navigate to anyone who was not familiar with the area.

Walking to the nearest 4 way split, Sky scanned the city before her. The alleyway headed to Franklin Ave, and Hennepin St. were clear. There seemed to be a couple of bodies lying down Turtle Lane to which Sky's curiosity beckoned for her to investigate. Taking careful steps she made her way down that small alleyway.

The chill air did little to comfort her. Goosebumps rose up on her skin, and it was not from the screams of all the citizens of Yorkdale who were scared out of their wits. Sky finally came up on the two bodies. One was a Yorkdale bum, and the other was this delicate looking girl. She lay on her stomach, in her birthday suit. With an eyebrow raised she checked the pulse of the girl, and then the man. Sky didn't know whether or not she was involved with the man, if he was trying to molest or kidnap the girl, but by the weapon she was holding in her hand she seemed really out of place. As if she didn't belong.

The man was dead, but the girl was still alive. Sky inspected the weapon the girl held, placing a hand on the engravings of the sheath. They were strange, markings Sky had never seen before. They depicted to what looked like a deformed 8 number that linked together over and over again up and down the sheath.

Her instincts flared like the fourth of July. Sky flew back just as the blade of the katana licked at her chin, cutting off the invisible chin hairs. Sky was surprised, the girl made a defensive attack faster than most people she had encountered.

“Get away from me!” The girl muttered. Her voice was extremely shaky and tired. She tried to open her eyes. They were a strange shade of brown orange, but the pupils shot all over her iris. She was immensely dizzy and disoriented.

“I'm not trying to hurt you, I'm here to help.” Sky offered, holding up open palms as a means of peace. The girl wasn't buying it though. She continued to hold up the katana in a sloppy form of a means to protect herself.

“Like I said, I'm not the bad guy okay?” Luckily for Sky, before she could even finish what she was saying the girl fell over. The clang of the katana against the cement caught her attention though. It sounded weird, squishy. Sky shook it off, peeling the girl off of the ground and with katana in mouth, brought her up to her apartment.


Sky sat next to the girl on a chair. She sighed. What was she going to tell this girl when she woke up?

“Hi! My name is Sky. You're lying in my bed and totally confused. But don't worry, I didn't drug you and kidnap you!” Smiley face.

Yeah, right.

Sky crossed her arms, frowning. It was already somewhere around six A.M. In the morning, she knew by the sunrise. The girl was still out of it. Sky had a knack for a lot of things, but patience against her burning curiosity was not one of them. She took a delicate finger of hers out and poked the girl's cheek.

No response.

She poked and prodded about two more times. Still no response. Slightly pouting, Sky dug her finger in the girl's cheek a little harder. She snorted and moved, which gave Sky the feeling she was gonna swing a fist or a leg at her. Sky was severely disappointed.

Releasing her muscles from their tension, all the girl did was snorted. Yes, snorted, like a pig. Then her mouth went agape, and drool started coming out of her mouth onto Sky's bedsheets. Wait what?!

“Aw come on! Really?” Sky groaned. The complaint from the petite brawler seemed to wake up the nude swordswoman. With another snort, she quickly sat up. Sky could hear her heart pounding like a 4 cylinder Chevy engine, and she didn't want another confrontation.

“Whoa, hey settle down. You're safe.” Sky again placed her hands up in an open-palm peaceful stance. With an eyebrow raised she gave a smile. “I'm not here to hurt you, I just found you on the ground and took you to my place.” Sky mentally kicked herself.

The response she got was not exactly what she was expecting. The girl, turned to face her. Her orange-brown eyes were not bobbing around like a pinball on steroids this time. They were calm, but they were very happy. Almost too happy. It was creepy, actually.

Her eyes started tearing up, and she started shaking.

“Are...you ok?” Sky asked, but instead of a verbal answer she got a physical one. In the form of a hug. A soul-sucking, life-draining hug. The girl leaped out of bed and hugged Sky tightly. Sky's eyes were wide in shock, as well as her mouth. She had not been too sympathetic these days in Yorkdale, and the hug was comfortable. But still really weird.

“Uhm... Can you let me go now?” Sky asked, eyebrow heavily raised. The girl apologized, her voice cracking. She stopped herself from crying and took a deep breath, pushing the distance away from Sky and returning onto the bed.

“I'm sorry. It's just... it's been so long.” She sniffed, brushing the tears from her eyes. “You know, since I've seen you.” She placed her hands on her chin, eying Sky with a nostalgic smile. Sky did not doubt the girl, she looked like she knew Sky. Maybe she saved her sometime ago?

“I apologize in advance... but do I know you?” Sky gave an apologetic smile and hunched her shoulders. The whole situation was unorthodox, and the last thing she needed was to babysit someone.

“Oh, I'm sorry. That's right! Duh, you don't know it but...” She stood up, extending a hand.

“My name is Yuki. I'm your sister.”

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