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 Waiting on people to post in Wolfs Rein?

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Yuki Shizuka
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Waiting on people to post in Wolfs Rein? Empty
PostSubject: Waiting on people to post in Wolfs Rein?   Waiting on people to post in Wolfs Rein? I_icon_minitimeTue Oct 19, 2010 1:14 am

You've posted and there needs to be a response from someone in order for you to continue to post. But this person hasn't posted yet. Can this some how be avoided and you can continue to post without this person? Well...state who your waiting for and why your waiting for that person, from there we can discuss wheather you can go on or not.

If you've already spoken with the person whom your waiting for and they have a legitimate reason, then please share why this person isn't posting, so we too can understand the situation and from there decide wheather to wait or go on. This would be fair for the other role players who grows impatient.

From experience, I've noticed that lack of posting brings the people who are interested...well...un-interested. It's not going anywhere and by the time the person post, the people have decided to not bother with it. So please be considerate. If your willing to let other people play as your character, let them know for they can easily post in your place till you return. But don't let this become a habit for having a certain amount of people for one person to post as, your ideas run short. Luckily this RP is new and fresh with only four people posting.

I hope with the short information I've given, you can understand my concerns. Thank you for joining my RP. Thank you for taking the time to read ALL the posts. All in all Thank you.

[Note: Only post if your waiting for someone to post. Conversations may take place if it's about the person who's not posting, other then that, no conversing. Please and Thank You]

Waiting on people to post in Wolfs Rein? 16
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Waiting on people to post in Wolfs Rein?
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