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PostSubject: Le Writer?   Le Writer? I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 27, 2010 9:33 am

Greetings and Salutations, much warm welcome to all those who have entered this...page. First, I guess we should start with introductions! My name is CopperKat and I LOVE literature. Writing is one of my passions for I am an avid writer, and reading is of course in response a passion of mine as well. An aspiring artist I guess, I have much work to do when it comes to writing, but nevertheless I enjoy coercing with the mind and imagination as words flow out of my fingers and to your eyes monkey

I've written many, many things....but I've never finished any of them, unless it was for a homework assignment or something. Then maybe I have, but all of my works are "in progress." I guess now I'll lay down a chapter from one of my writings. Enjoy!


Chapter One: Hot

She stood at the top of the hotel, posed in a comfortable stance on the 28 story building. Smiling, she was thinking of how amusing it would be if she were wearing a cape and a superhero costume. She would look like a heroine, fighting crime and in the name of justice, morality, and character. ‘Of all things…’ she thought, amused. With half of her smile retained, she peered down at herself, tugging at a grin.

A tan colored jacket on top of a plain black t-shirt save a picture of a pink flower in the center. She ran her gloved hands over the many rips and tears that ran up and down her jacket and her black t-shirt, hinting a rather sleekly toned body-frame.

“Really,” she asked, at no one in particular, “that many close calls eh?” She shook her head and giggled lightly. Continuing in examining herself, she pulled at a white and blue striped scarf that hung from her neck, slightly withered and loose. She noticed a small patch of dust that stuck to her black leggings and purple mini-skirt. Dusting the remnants of dirt and grime, they fell onto her black sneakers, the only somewhat valuable item she had.

“Mmm...” She mumbled to herself, giggling again. “Maybe I should consider looting.” She pondered that for a moment. 'I've been fighting for both sides for quite a while, I might as well consider taking since they won't need it where they're going... heh.'

She raised her eyes to the sky-line. Her thoughts circling about the actions she has made. The things she had done. She has been in this ‘game’ for about three years now. She was working as a mercenary, an arm-for-hire, a hit man, or in her case a hit woman. Her price was always reasonable in a sense; she required a place to stay with some cash and another item, something that belonged to her mood at that time.

With that thought, she considered getting herself a new outfit, and smiled down at the inhabitants below. Lightly colored dots from her height, they were masses of people and cars driving around the city. 'Look at them, cronies all for the kill. All living pointless lives, at least until they join a side. Who wants to live a peaceful life? So dull, so meaningless,' she thought. After scanning the depths of the city below her, she noticed a cloud slowly panning over the sun, blocking its rays for a moment. She noticed the cloud wasn’t large enough to block it for longer than a minute. She pulled up her wrist and glanced at her watch, it blinked “2:58 P.M.”

“Close enough.” With that last thought, she screamed. And on that one loud exhale of excitement, she jumped off the building, diving headfirst down.

7eventeen Hotel, Indoor Pool

“Gorgeous indoor pool Hunter.”
“You're so sexy.”
“Want a massage Hunter?”

“Ladies, ladies, please. Let's just enjoy the peace; it's a beautiful day outside isn't it?” The girls all nodded in agreement.

In the 7eventeen Hotel resort's indoor pool a chiseled middle-aged man rested against a pool wall. Three money-lusted, yet attractive women circled him, pleading to please him in anyway. The pool was on the south side of the hotel, designed in an octagonal shape with beach chairs and jacuzzis surrounding. The pool room had marble and roman pillars, with roman decoration items that helped in a “royal” atmosphere. The large glass rooftop let the sun shine through for all tanning inhabitants, though it was much less populated than usual. Hunter, the hotel manager had closed the pool for him and his ladies.

“Hunterrrrr....” One of the ladies whined, a fresh-18 pretty-faced woman with luxurious red hair, spotting a two-piece swimsuit that almost seemed too small for her 'assets.'

“What is it, my darling?” Hunter responded, his voice holding a Latino accent. It did well with his short curly brown hair, a broad jaw and dark brown eyes. The ladies loved how handsome he looked, enjoying this looks almost to the level of how much they wanted his money.

“Take me out somewhere, I'm hungry.” She cried, grabbing one of his hands and pressing it against her belly. She let his hand smooth over her belly button piercing, a golden peacock feather that was latest gift from Hunter. She pouted, pleading with him.

That same moment the room grew darker, the rays of the sun had grown dimmer. Hunter narrowed his eyes for a moment, engrossed in thought. He raised his arm and looked at his watch, noting that it read “2:58 P.M.” 'Shit.' Hunter mentally cussed and then snapped his fingers, signaling a staff member to come.

“How can I be of assistance?” She asked.

“Give these three ladies something good to eat.”

“Of course.” She nodded and motioned for them to follow her to the exit.

“You're not coming Huntie?” a Brunette asked as she exited the pool behind the other two, her pet-name for him causing a barely noticeable flinch.

Before he could answer, a loud and sudden crash exploded into the room. Screams from all the women were heard as glass flew, followed by a large splash that sent water splashing up against the walls.

The girls were wounded, Hunter included. Glass had been blown in all directions, while the girls suffered only slight scrapes and scratches, they still bled from them. As their screams were heard and they huddled together in fear, Hunter narrowed his eyes and held himself firm. His staff member was already scrambling to call the police, to which Hunter didn't mind. What he did mind was the entrance of the person he was supposed to have a meeting with, along with the few shards of glass embedded into his chest. 'They'll heal,’ he thought, more annoyed then hurt.

“Get the girls out of here, and after you've called the police lock the door.” Hunter called out, not turning to face his staff employee. She affirmed his command a little surprised at how calm he sounded. She then scrambled, nearly having to pull the disgruntled and shocked girls out of the room. Finally, the door was closed and the locking mechanism was heard.

A moment passed, before the intruder emerged from the water slowly, her forehead and eyes peeking just above the water. Hunter was somewhat amused, but he held his glare. She winked at him before emerging fully. Hunter smiled, loosening his glare somewhat. She flung her head back, her short and wet hair clung to her head in a dark brown mess, water mingling with the blood that came from her somewhat bloodied face. Her terra-cotta eyes eyed him with playfulness. She smiled at him, her dull pink lips curving as she stood up fully, emerging only up to above her stomach.

“You're early.” Hunter said dryly, leaning back against the pool. “Not your style, Flare.” Flare shrugged, shaking herself of some adrenaline that ran rampant through her body.

“Not my style to stick to a style.” She looked around, scanning the surroundings. “Nice place, a little messy though.” She nearly laughed at the last comment, clearly striking a nerve from Hunter.

“No thanks to you. Do you know how much that will cost to repair this place?” Hunter asked, raising his voice slightly in annoyance.

“Does it look like I care?” She raised an eyebrow, crossing her arms, showing glass embedded in them as well, blood freely running down her body in a red pool that collected at her feet. A moment of silence came from Hunter, one that drove Flare’s impatience to the tip of the lid. They merely stood there, staring at each other. One with annoyance, the other with curiousity. Following the moment of silence, steam arose from her wounds, and if Hunter didn't know any better, he thought he saw her body reject the glass out of her body.

“So it's true. You are one of them.” She looked surprised for a moment, and then smiled, nodding. 'I guess he finally found out hmm? At least I won’t have to explain anything. Relief!'

“Indeed I am. Down to business. Where, when, how, and what do I get?” She cracked her knuckles in front of her, leaning forward and backwards stretching as she did so. The steam was still rising from her body, but all her cuts and scrapes were gone, the glass that was in her now resting on the bottom of the pool.

“Georgia Plaza, 5 hours from now, massacre them all. You get a Presidential suite, 1 month. Of course, that is on top of your original pay.” Flare rubbed her hands together and licked her lips.

“1 Month on-top of 5-grand and a boat? Hell yeah, that sounds fantastic! Made my day. See you later.” She scrunched her knees and crouched down, looking up at the ceiling.

“Leaving so soon?” Hunter asked, holding on his last word with eagerness.

“Even though they are petty cops, they're still more trouble then they're worth. Nice try though.” Flare winked, and pounced out of the room, disappearing from sight. Hunter, astonished at her abilities, chuckled silently to himself. 'She is truly interesting.'

“Hm.” Hunter grunted deciding that he should do something about his wounds. Turning around, he pulled himself out of the pool, headed to the medical ward to have a nurse help him. 'At least she's working for me.' He thought, as he unlocked the door with a bypass code. 'After all, she shows no mercy.'

5 Hours Later
Georgia Plaza

Flare licked her lips as she wiped raised her arm and wiped her face on a sleeve. She was still exhausted, heavily breathing as she leaned against the wall. She dropped both of the bowie knives she picked up, and fell down to lean against the wall in a sitting position, growling slightly to herself.

“Fuck, why does healing have to be so painful?” Flare gasped in pain as her flesh began reforming under her attire. Her clothes were even more disarrayed now, her leggings cut in a few places, her skirt with holes in them, and her jacket cut in half. Today just wasn't her day. She had managed to save her scarf from being scathed, even at the cost of her leggings. She closed her eyes however to enjoy the moment, and opened them for a brief moment, viewing the carnage in front of her.

17 men lay scattered around the empty warehouse, all dead. Some were mauled, some were torn, some merely sliced, and some shot. While their fatalities were all different, they all had no breath left to breathe. She wanted to smile, but the pain that was reverberating through her body stung more than a bullet wound to her thigh. It was an interesting thought, considering she did have a bullet in her upper thigh.

“Note to self, don't underestimate a skinny-assed punk again.” Flare sighed, resting against the wall. She had no trouble breaking into the entry and eliminating two of them right off the bat. Cutting the power afterwards made everything else almost easy as cake. She had taken at least five of them out before they turned the power back on, and all hell broke loose. Bullets flew everywhere almost, but they generally were in her direction. She had managed to dodge most of them as she executed the rest one-by-one.

'I even got to use a human body shield, that was fun...for a while, but I'm never doing that again.' She had been able to tear his neck apart, and swing him into the way of incoming bullets. It had worked for a while, but the man was terribly nimble in leg muscles. A shot from a .357 blew through his leg and pierced her thigh, forcing her to ditch the shield and duck into cover. Luckily he had dropped his weapon, which was a light machine-gun of some sort. It didn't matter to her, as long as it shot, which it did, it helped. Downing a few she ran out of the ammunition on the last thug.

She had wanted to play with him, as was her traditional slayer style. Her style was to murder all but one, for he was to be the messenger, but not without fun first. Yet, as she came closer she noticed in her own special way that he was not fearful in anyway, and held a defensive stance with two iron knuckles that had spikes. Flare accepted his challenge, she analyzed that his frame was very small and noticeably weak. She had then sported two bowie knives that lay in their holsters on a dead thug next to her. She decided to use them to fight against the easy challenge.

Boy, was she wrong. 'Taijutsu bastard.' She thought as she spat some blood onto the cement ground. He was fluent in martial arts, proving to be a challenge to her bruised body. She ended up killing him, but it had cost more than it should have.

Now here she lay, with 17 men dead and she was recovering. Her growl came louder as she bit her lip. The bullet was slowly coming out of her leg in a painful path to recovery, along with the bruises and lacerations across her body. She almost wanted to pinch it like a zit to help it come out faster. She had tried that at one point with a nail that had stuck itself in her, and it ended up hurting even more. 'Yeah, fuck that. I'm not doing that again.'

“17... Brother, you would be disappointed in my shabby performance wouldn't you?” She asked herself, and looked up at the ceiling and smiled. She then closed her eyes painfully as the pain continued to gnaw at her nerves. “You were always such a jerk when it came to performance.”

8 Years Ago
Somewhere in the woods

“So what are you going to do now, that you've graduated from high school?” A petite-teen asked, a 5'4” brunette female that walked alongside a few inched-taller brown haired male teen. He shrugged, and looked up at the moon sky. They were walking down a forest path they had discovered in the summer of their childhood, a path they both traveled many times playing, discovering, searching, among many other things.

“I don't know.” Came his response, shoving his hands in his pockets. “Maybe peep at girls all day long?” He joked, receiving a very large and exaggerating sigh and eye roll from his sister.

“Whaaaat a loser!” She immediately responded. She laughed as she was slightly shoved, and caught her balance quickly and looked back with a playful fiendish glare.

“What? That was the wind.”
“Whatever.” He stuck his tongue out, moving a little faster ahead.
“You could be a whole world away and I'd still catch up.”

“I hope so.” His words trailed off, as he smacked a mosquito that was on his pants. Then he looked at her with a smile, and she took in his words sincerely. She almost missed the change in his expression when she had mentioned that, and almost didn't bring it up, but curiosity begged to differ within her mind.

“What's wrong?” She asked, trying to peek a look into his eyes to see any difference in the look in his eyes. She was nearly infamous for her body-language reading, and she wasn't shy to show it off.

“You know what's beautiful about the moon?” He suddenly asked out of the blue, throwing off her observations for a second. She looked up at the moon, a sense of ease washing over her.

“What?” Came her response as they both stopped in a very small clearing, the trees enveloped them in a hug of moss and lichen, but they were still able to see the moon in all of its entirety.

“No matter where you are in the world, it looks just as beautiful.”

“Yeah, I guess.” A moment of silence washed between them, and time seemed to slow as the sound and feeling of wind and insects died to a whisper and a gentle touch.

“I'm leaving, tomorrow for England.” Out of the blue, he spoke those words, and she laughed. She pushed him in the shoulder, and he looked back at his younger sister without a smile, but a forlorn look upon his face.

“You almost got me.” She jabbed, attempting to light the moment, but he returned his gaze to the moon.

“My bags are already packed. I'm leaving in the morning.”

“.......What!?” She finally asked, a little louder then she wanted. Even so, he had cringed slightly at the level of her voice. She was nearly furious! Her brother suddenly leaving without telling her any kind of fore-warning.

“Why didn't you tell me sooner!?” She had a very strong urge to punch him really hard in the shoulder, but held against it. Glaring at her elderly brother of whom she spent her whole life with, she was disappointed and upset that he didn't tell her in advance.

“I...kind of forgot?” He suggested, trying to smile to ease the moment.

“Josh!” Was her only response as she gently slapped the side of his head. Though, gently was an understatement, for she was too caught up in his abrupt departure to forget the force she swung.

“Ow!” He rubbed his head in pain as he scrunched up his face, looking at her with sad eyes. She however was not falling for it.

“You deserved that one! When will you be back?” She asked, her tone wavering between “You better tell me.” and “I'm going to bop you.”

“Errr....a few months?” She breathed a sigh of relief and shook her head at him.

“Oh. Jeez, you made it seem like you were moving there forever!” She gently pushed him a few steps to the left, nearly stumbling. She shook her head. 'I didn't even push that hard!'

“I do have a gift for you, well, for us actually, since this is my last night here.” Josh said, and then pulled out an incredibly small bottle with two shot glasses. He gave her a smile.

“What! No! I don't drink, not even on this occasion. Oh, and that better not be an energy drink!” She instantly objected. Shaking her head. “I don't drink any of those remember?” She raised an eyebrow at him and looked at her older brother as if he was crazy. 'Crazy? More like-'

“Well, it's not alcohol, for one. Thank you very much.” Josh rolled his eyes and shook his head. “As if I were to be able to obtain some. It's a medicinal herb drink I bought off one of those fortune tellers.” He closely examined the bottle, a dark brown bottle the size of a 6 oz. water bottle. The only thing it had on it was “DRINK ONLY HALF.” He squinted his eyes at that, and shrugged.

Josh had felt a sudden urge to get his fortune told today, a strange feeling he had attributed to helping him gain many friends. An instinctual random gut-feeling that just told him to “go.” He had found one strangely in the middle of the city, in the depth of commercial atmosphere and intense crowding. The fortune teller was a woman, and she seemed more surprised then him when he arrived. He shook the thought of his mind. 'She had said interesting things.'

“Oh?” She raised an eyebrow and took a peek at the bottle. “What kind of medicinal herbs? And since when does Josh go to fortune tellers?” She held out her open hand to help him and to examine the bottle, to which he gently laid it in her hand.

“Well, I was curious, can't kill me for that can you?” He teased her, adjusting the glasses to an upright position and holding them out. She glanced up at him with a daring look and smirked.

“We'll see.” Then she laughed at his horrified face. She uncapped the bottle and took a careful whiff, a strong odor similar of honey mixed with rain filled her nostrils. 'Smells like sweet and disgusting. Greaaaat.' She mentally twitched at that thought.

“So what kind of herb was it?” She asked again, accompanied by a quizzical look.

“Oh, yeah.” He chuckled as she rolled her eyes and smiled. “She said it was a rare herb from her travels that grew only during the night. Isn't that weird? It's called 'Ticth.' Or something that sounds similar to that. Supposedly very good for future strength.” He motioned for her to pour the contents in the two glasses, ignoring the raised eyebrow and incredulous look he received. “She spoke about some sort of trouble in my future that I would need this drink to overcome. She also said I would need someone to help me through it all.” Josh looked over at his sister with a smile. “That's why I'm giving you this drink too, if you were wondering. Since I can only drink half.” He smiled at her, nodding as the last drip of herbish liquid came out.

“Hmm, thanks. Yeah, I'll always need to help your lameness.” Came her reply, smiling back at him and sticking out her tongue. He replied with the same. He then handed her his drink and she thanked him and looked at the murky black liquid. It seemed almost of poison.

“You sure this isn't poisoned or something?”
The sound of her hitting her face with her palm was heard, and she looked at him incredulously.

“Honestly Josh! You could've been scammed AND killed! That's like, double owned!” She laughed, tempted to spill the contents onto the ground. Expecting a laugh and perhaps a chuckle, she received no response. Her brother seemed passionate about something, a stern and serious face as he eyed his own drink.

“Given any other circumstance, I would have believed in you, Madi.” He raised his hand with the glass, up to the moon. “But something about this fortune teller, the way she spoke, everything seemed....right, she didn't even make me pay. She gave me those.” He laughed. “What have we got to lose?”

Madi looked at him and ingested his words, carefully considering her options. She then decided against her gut instinct and raised her glass too, a smile on her lips. 'Just this once, I won't listen to my stomach.' “If I die. I'm going to haunt you.”

“Not like that's even close to a threat.” He smiled. “To us, brother and sister.” Looking over with a smirk, he saw her roll her eyes but nod. He downed his drink. She followed soon after, trying not to think too much about his departure. She drank in one full swig, the sweet and thick liquid running down her throat and settling in her stomach with intense bitterness.

“Oh yeah, that's definitely a herb, bleh! BITTER! AHH!” He then suddenly grabbed at his throat and made many faces. She giggled intensely. 'Doooooooooooooooork,' she thought before the night seemed to fade away.

The Next Day

The next day she waved off her brother as he walked into into the tunnel that led to his plane. She drove him to the airport and helped him to the terminal but this was as far as she got. They spoke briefly, he had mentioned something about her not having too many babies as he was gone. Now he was sporting a bruise on his arm.

She watched as his plane flew off before she headed home. Pulling at the collar of her shirt she felt as if her skin was burning up. “It's hot outside,” she muttered, walking out of the airport. She didn't even notice a temperature reading of only 65 degrees Celsius.

When she arrived home she shook her shoes off in an instant and tossed her handbag to the side, moving to the fridge. Letting her keys drop to the floor with a metallic clang, she opened it and stood in front of it.

“That feels gooood...” She sighed as she leaned against the cooler, letting the breeze wash over her. She grabbed some lemonade out of the fridge and went to go get a glass, leaving the embrace of the cold air. “Why is it soooo hot outside!” She got a glass out of the cupboard and leaned it against the ice dispenser, wiping some sweat off her brow. She tugged at her lip with her teeth as the ice dropped into the glass, and when it was finally finished she poured the lemonade into the glass. She quickly downed the glass, the cold beverage seeming to almost dissipate within her, not quenching her thirst for both rejuvenation and a means of cooling down at all. Disappointed, and still furiously bothered by the heat, she moved to the freezer, opening it up and allowing the frosty air wash over her.

“Ahh...” After about standing there for what seemed like a few moments, but in actuality was nearly half an hour, she closed the fridge and walked off, feeling refreshed and finally cool. She made her way upstairs, fatigue washing over her like a flash flood. 'Tired... could use some rest I guess.' She didn't even make it to her bed before the heat flashes returned. 'What the hell?' Curiousity in mind begged to question if it was really just her that was feeling this way. The burn and sweat the began pouring out of her pores demanded she find a source of cooling, and she decided against sleep to go to the shower.

Not even bothering to strip her clothes, she turned on the cold water and jumped into the shower, gritting her teeth as the cold water splashed across her. To her surprise and her disappointment, it was only a moment before it lost it's cold energy. It seemed as if the cold water was barely functional in her house. She had it on the coldest it could be, but yet the water was still relatively warm. She knelt in the in the bathtub as the water ran over her, desperately wanting refreshment. 'This will work for now, I guess.'

After a moment she nearly flinched.

“What's...going on?” She asked herself, closing her eyes. To her, the water seemed to slowly get warmer, it felt as if it was boiling on her skin. She heard the sounds of sizzling and she furrowed her brow, 'that's not possible!' When she opened her eyes, she almost screamed in surprise.

Steam was rising from her body. She looked at her hands, as the water trickled down her arm it began sizzling and running around her arm in strange patterns, and evaporated.

Suddenly she wanted to vomit. She tried to swallow it, but her throat wouldn't budge, and before she could jump out of the bathtub to puke in the toilet, it bellowed out while she was in the tub. Shutting her eyes and letting it spew, it couldn't have been much, but the nasty bitterness of bile and stomach acid on her tongue was more then enough to make her want to choke. That and her stomach seemed as if it were doing backflips in her stomach, the pain causing her to ball her fists into knuckles. Despite her body emptying it's contents onto the bathtub, she still felt very stick, and she was still burning up.

“Need...doctor...” She rasped, a dry and weak voice. She opened her mouth and leaned her head towards the shower head, trying to drink some of the water. She swallowed eagerly, swaggering slightly. However, as soon as she swallowed, the similar stirring sensation returned in her stomach, coupled with a massive headache that nearly split her skull open. Crying in pain, she threw up again, violently shivering despite the heat.

As more contents spewed out, some still lingering on her lip, her eyes widened at what she saw.

“Am I...dying?” She asked no one in particular. She had thrown up blood. She stared in dis-belief as the crimson water ran down the drain, in thick clots. “What....what's going on?” 'Why is this happening to me? I can't be dying!'

“You're changing, Madi.” Came a mysterious voice, pitched strangely in a calm manner.

Madi raised her head, looking up to see a dark-brown woman, youthful and pretty. She was easily distinguishable by her long white hair that came down, while most of it was still hidden by a purple hood that she wore, with many gems in a necklace, and a robe that adorned dozens of tokens. The woman knelt on the outside of the bathtub. Her face held compassion, but there was no smile. 'Who...are you?' Madi thought, her strength faltering as it felt as if she were to faint at this moment.

“My name is Nina, I am a gypsy that your brother had mentioned yesterday.”Madi raised an eyebrow, many questions rising to her mind. 'What...? How did she find me, what is she doing here? How did she know we were talking about her?'

“I see he has chosen you as his hand, it is of no surprise. Brother and Sister bonds are very strong. You must be curious, as to what is happening to you right now.” She paused, her eyes wandering to nothing in particular, empty space as she thought. “Along with many other questions, which in due time will all be answered. I assure you my child.”

'My child?' Madi ignored the thought as she could only nod as she intently watched the woman next to her. She wanted to say something, anything, but the feeling returned in a wave. It nauseated her, fixating her with deep levels of pain and ache. She couldn't resist even a little as more blood spewed from her mouth.

“Your suspicion must be of what is happening. You are, indeed dying.” Her voice was eerie, like a ghost whispering into her ear. She couldn't help but shiver, closing her eyes and cussing. A moment had passed, she did her best to raise her head, steam still rising from her skin. She turned her fallen head towards Nina, pleading.

“Yet, do not fear.” Her voice picked up, losing the hopeless voice she had just heard, there seemed promise in her words. Madi swallowed hard, mustering her strength.

“What's...happening...to me?” Her vision began blurring, cloudy. She felt her arms shaking, her knees buckling as well as the strange woman locked eyes with her. Nina placed a hand on Madi's shoulder, and a warm sensation poured through her body, eliminating the pain but intensifying the fatigue.

“You are being reborn,” were the last words Madi heard before she fell asleep, falling limp onto the tub. A thin string of blood ran down her lips as the water continued to pour down on her, steam filling the whole room. “You will be magnificent.” The mysterious gypsy spoke, before leaning over and lifting Madi out of the water.

~-~-~- End Chapter One ~-~-~-

Well there you have it, a general level of my writing skills, though it's in an element that I'm experimenting with. What do you think?

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